Remote Sensing Earth Data



 Galileo Earth

 Galileo SpaceCraft


 Sea Surface Temp. (SST) and El Nino

 NOAA Meterological Satellites -7, -9, and 11

Advanced Very High-Resolution Radiometer  (AVHRR)

 Normalized Daily Vegetation Index (NDVI)

 NOAA Meterological Satellites -7, -9, and 11


Water Vapor

 Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-8)

 Imager, infrared (IR) channel

  Earth at Night

  Defense Meterological Satellite Progrm (DMSP)

 Operational Line Scanner (OLS)

  Cloud Motion

 A one month sample (October 1983) of composite images from cloud cover data collected from a suite of U.S., European, and Japanese geostationary satellites and U.S. polar orbiting meteorological satellites.

 Ground Based Earth Data

 Surface Data Source


 United States Geological Survey's (USGS) National Earthquake Information Center

 Plate Boundaries

  United States Naval Research Lab


 Smithsonian Institutions Global Volcanism Program